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Open letters to the Minister President and Science Minister of Lower Saxony

Together with ver.di, the majority of Lower Saxony’s university staff councils have written an open letter to Minister President Weil and Science Minister Thümler. They demand that the high level of fixed-term contracts at the universities be curbed immediately, as well as a turnaround in higher education policy in Lower Saxony and an abandonment of further austerity measures.
“What is needed is adequate basic funding for the universities by the state, coupled with strict requirements for the universities to consistently use the funds now already available for the de-termination of employment contracts.”

The whole letter (in German) can be read here.

Meanwhile, the elected student representatives of Lower Saxony (Landes ASten Konferenz) have written a similar letter making the same demands. Further they demand the continuation of the Anti-discrimination counselling at the University of Göttingen, an essential service for all students.

Their letter (in German) can be found here.