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Uni Göttingen unbefristet demands a binding regulation to create permanent employment opportunities for all colleagues working in the fields of research, teaching, technical support, and administration; including junior researchers. The work we do is indispensable for the whole university. We demand: permanent positions for permanent assignments!

Permanent assignments for research and teaching positions are increasingly financed through third-party funds. A constant need of permanent assignments must, however, also be reflected in permanent positions. We demand: Permanent employment also for third-party funded employees!

Due to limited contracts, it is impossible to make reliable decisions about the future. We demand a working environment that enables us and our families to finally make plans for a future life. Permanent employment also contributes to gender equality.

  • Permanent employment for scientific, technical and administrative staff, which supports gender equality!
  • Permanent employment for permanent assignments!
  • Permanent employment also for employees with third-party funds!

Are you convinced? Then become active and join our fight.