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Organize the community

We need to be more to be succesful. Hence, one of our main objectives is to organize as many colleagues as possible and to get a foodhold in as many places as possible. Our campaign is organized through responsible carers and multipliers. We have divided the university into clearly delimited units of buildings and rooms. For these, we are looking for so-called carers. Carers have a general overview of larger units and have the concrete task of finding so-called multipliers and thereby expanding a wide operational network inthe university. The carers are in direct and permanent contact with the campaign and have the necessary information which they can pass on to the multipliers. The multipliers, in turn, are responsible for smaller units, like a corridor for instance. In these units, they advertise activities and recruit more members. Moreover, they can pass problems in their units along to the campaign, so that we stay true to our bottom-up approach. This strategy increases our outreach and allows for different forms of engagement. That way, people can become a part of our campaign and our success, even if they have only limited time available. Would you like to be a carer or a multiplier? Just write us an e-mail or come to one of our meetings!