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Renewed strike at UMG & University of Göttingen on 24 and 25.11.2021

Like last week, employees of the university as well as UMG and student employees are called to strike again on November 24th and 25th 2021! For November 24th, another strike demonstration is planned in Hanover, for November 25th again in Göttingen, with a protest walk starting at the University Hospital (10:00 am), passing the main campus (10:30 am) and going to the train station (11:00 am). More details in the strike call at the bottom of this page (so far only in German).

We, Uni Göttingen Unbefristet, join this strike, show solidarity with our colleagues from UMG and TV-Stud and also call attention to our demand for permanent positions for permanent tasks at the University of Göttingen.

It doesn’t matter if you take part in the demonstration on the 24th or 25th, come to our information booth or show solidarity from your home office. We have collected a few ideas for the strike from the home office here.

Strike from the home office

At the moment, many colleagues are again in their home offices, some of them still with Care Work or in another city. At first, you might not notice the strike. However, we have a few tips on how you can organize your strike from the home office:

  • Out of office note for emails and Rocket chat (see below for template).
  • Change profile picture on Outlook/eCampus/Zoom (e.g. to one of the images below).
  • Share posts about this topic on social media (e.g., from our social media accounts)
  • Use the hashtags #ichbinhanna and #hannaorganized
  • Share a photo of you and your thoughts (as we did in 2020) – you can find a printable template for this here
  • Tell colleagues about it and make them aware of the topic
  • Share our survey on this topic with colleagues

“I am currently on strike for better working conditions for all employees of the University of Göttingen. I would like to draw particular attention to the situation of temporary employees, who make up 87% of the scientific staff and about 25% of the technical and administrative staff. Employees who perform permanent tasks deserve permanent positions!
After the end of the strike on 26.11.2021 I will be at your disposal again.
For more information, visit , or”

Feel free to edit this out of office note or add a picture/video from below
“Terminate Termination!” Slogan by the union GEW
Share this video on social media or with your colleagues (for example on Rocket-Chat)
Profile Picture (for eCampus/Zoom/…)
For information in English, contact: Dr. Frank Ahrens
05 31 / 2 44 08-41 | 01 75-2 62 43 09