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Networking Meeting, January 13th, 12:00-14:00 – online

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to a first Networking Meeting in 2022 on Thursday, January 13th, 12:00 – 2:00pm. The meeting will take place online. The link will be sent via our Newsletter, which you can subscribe for on this website.

From various institutions of the university we hear about problems and conflicts in the areas of contract renewals and fixed-term contracts, e.g. fixed-term contracts are not renewed, although this would be possible. These are not isolated cases, there is a fundamental problem here. And there are still too many fixed-term contracts among the scientific employees as well as among administrative and technical staff.

Therefore, it is important that we exchange experiences and ideas, network and look for joint options for action.

What does Uni Göttingen unbefristet do?

We are committed to ensuring that the funds from the “Zukunftsvertrag Studium und Lehre stärken” (ZSL) are used for permanent positions at the University of Göttingen.

We want the trade unions ver.di and GEW to negotiate an in-house collective agreement with the University of Göttingen – in such a collective agreement, e.g, fixed-term quotas can be defined. To achieve this goal, more colleagues have to become members of a trade union.

We provide a protected space in which you can share ideas and discuss individual and collective strategies for solving problems concerning fixed-term contracts etc.

We plan and organize actions to draw attention to the problem of fixed-term contracts and other grievances at the university.

Who is the meeting for?

All colleagues are welcome to participate in the meeting – administrative, technical and scientific staff. No matter if you are already involved with us as an activist or multiplier or are just hearing from us for the first time. No matter if you want to get involved with us or are just looking for information and exchange. No matter if you are a member of a trade union or not.

Hope to see you on January 13th!

Uni Göttingen unbefristet

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