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Call for strike at the University of Göttingen on 16.11.2021

Dear colleagues,
The Tarifgemeinschaft deutscher Länder (TdL) has again shown no willingness to recognize the performance of the employees at the second wage negotiation meeting! On the contrary, the employers rejected all of ver.di’s demands during the “negotiations” and did not present any offer of their own despite repeated requests. Instead, they continue to insist that there will have to be a deterioration in the grouping of employees. This is disrespectful and a provocation!

Therefore, ver.di and the GEW call on all employees of the University of Göttingen to go on warning strike! In addition, all student employees are called to a solidarity strike.

Tuesday, 16.11. 2021
all day
Meeting point 9:00 a.m.: Platz der Göttinger Sieben

Be there, take your colleagues with you! Striking is a fundamental right, everyone has the full right to strike! (see attachment strike 101 [in German]) or reach out to ver.di.