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After the demonstration is before the demonstration – Protest against the austerity measures on 12.05.2021

The Alliance for Student Concerns (BfsB) is calling to protest against the Lower Saxony state’s austerity measures affecting the university funding on 12 May 2021.

The Göttingen Anti-Savings Alliance, consisting of students and employees of the university, will draw attention to its demands on the same day (May 12th) at 5 p.m. in front of the presidium on Wilhelmsplatz with an action in compliance with all pandemic-related requirements. Currently, we are still waiting to the confirmation of the city for this action.
Once the confirmation is given students and staff of the university as well as everyone who wants to show solidarity are invited and of course we will be there.

Short-term demands are:

  • Withdrawal of the austerity measures announced so far
  • Exclude universities (also in the future) from the global reduced expenditures.
  • permanent funds and permanent posts for permanent tasks
  • Use of the funds from the future contract “Strengthening study and teaching” for permanent positions.